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This week we are talking about another product of superior quality!


I decided to invest in FN45, being a larger weapon, the availability in terms of holsters were few, or better ... effective solutions and that I liked were few..

This way I decide to go to kydex!


Low profile, resistant and above all 100 configurable to the customer's taste! So today we talk about a TRB Holsters holster!




TRB is a French company, which since 2009 produces high quality kydex holsters, meeting the most demanding.


Today the TRB counts on clients such as French special forces, units of elites of all Europe, this only to situate you in the quality standard or better to the degree of demands with respect to the quality.


This review will focus heavily on the options they provide, as each holster is manufactured within the specs you want, and many extra "options" that put you choose.


Starting with the model I chose, it's a holster so molded in black Kydex, but you can choose from over 170 colors and patterns available ...


Yes in the middle of this quantity I chose black . The model I chose has an adjustable retention via a screw (which needs after adjustment of a screw lock - HIGHLY advisable).


A LV2 (Blade-tech) security allows even the most unpredictable moves to happen babe does not fall!


To release, a simple tightening in the interior direction fails to release the safety.


To reactivate, simply shrink the small bow.


Security above all else!


The tip of the barrel is the "view", personally it was what I liked more, but other models are available, for all types of tastes and use, waist holster, insider, clips ... anyway the ideal even going through the web site .


In terms of extras, I also requested a cut for mini-redot, it is important if you use this type of sight that the pieces do not have problems of fit (obviously depends on the model chosen), you have the option of cuts visible, or "protection "Of aim.


TRB has hundreds of molds for both real weapons and some airsoft models, but if you have a specific request, you can always send your gun, so do the flashlights.


Do not forget that the orders are made to order (mostly models) so whenever you have doubts, the ideal is to ask, you will be well attended and in a PRO! Moving on to another option that I attached to my holster, is the inner felt!

Yes you have the option to put a layer of felt inside the holster making it difficult to remove or fit the holster is not so aggressive to the gun and also quieter!

This layer is logically the only thing that will not be guaranteed for life by being material that wears out over time ... The quality of the molding is TOP!


The TOP finishes! (Hey! I already tried to make my holsters ... I know it's not easy!).


All holsters have a small engraved logo of the brand, a discreet logo that gives a top class.


The holster comes with 1 pair of Molle Lock, but is not a lock whatsoever, they are the original Blade-tech!


In option you have a series of deportadores et fixations, personally I opted for a Tmms kit and a DDOS deportator (photos briefly detailed).


It's important that you know that the holster was made with my specs, so there are a hundred models, including grenades, door mags and byproducts!


Was it worth it? Quality is paid for!


When you receive your holster you soon realize that we are facing something that really lasts a lifetime, made by professionals, for professionals


! I leave you with the photos, they speak for themselves!


Any questions just ask!


Featured Model: Holster Kydex OUTSIDER SECU 2 RIGIDE OUT BARREL (OWB)


Color: BLACK


Price: From 96 €


Website of the brand:


trb holsters

João Cardoso

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