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If you do not have a teammate who is a true GPS (JeeJay), or want to navigate in a traditional way, you will need both for transport or for the protection of your material, a small bag ...


Today, of course, we look at MAP CASE from Helikon-tex.


This small folding bag with a pressure closure has a weight of approximately 122g, allowing the transport of a map, inside a transparent protective cover.


Closed with the aid of a Zip lock, you can place a map of about 23x30cm ... Something to take into account at certain times.


The bag on the outside also allows the transport of accessories, namely Compass, pen, notepad and others.

We have 3 bags, two with a snap closure, which are ideal for a notepad, and another with an open flap.


At the ends, three loops to place a pen, marker or ligth stick.


The advantage is to make it possible to regroup your basic material, to be able to fold and adjust it so that when necessary you have everything available.

We maintain a classic quality standard in the manufacture of 500D cordura, available in MULTICAM, WOODLAND PL, OLIVE GREEN, BLACK

The best is to see the photos to get an idea of ​​the details.

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Model Presented: MAP CASE

Color: Olive Green

Price: +/- € 17 €

Brand website:


Thanks to:


João Cardoso

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