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Protection Group Danmark 

Protection Group Danmark is a Danish company based in Randers, Denmark.

Since 2013, develops and designs as it stands, personal protective equipments, ranging from bullet proof and stabbed vests, ballistic helmets and bullet proof plates.

Thanks to the economy of scale, it manages to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price without compromising the quality of the materials, since all the materials they use come from reputable manufacturers such as:

• Twaron® aramid from Teijin
• Dyneema® from DSM
• Kevlar from Dupont
• Spectra from Honeywell

All international NIJ and ISO standards are respected.

The materials used are tested and approved by external laboratories, including AITEX, MORATEX, TNO in the Netherlands and H.P. Branco in the United States.

All products are available in stock and can be delivered quickly.


If you have a special request, it is possible to design and develop this project being manufactured to the desired characteristics.


On the Protection Group Danmark website you will find 5 product categories:

Bulletproof vests

Stab proof vests

Ballistic helmets

Ballistic plates



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