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TMR - Traning Mini Rig

I’ve got the chance to be chosen by Helicon-Tex to review their new chest rig, who will be available in few days!


Easily you know that today i will be reviewing the new Training mini Rig (TMR) from Helikon-tex.


The model i will review today came in coyote color, but there are 12 colors available, (Black, Olive Green, Coyote, Adaptive green, Multicam, Shadow grey, A-tecs FG, Greenzone, badlands, A-tecs IX, Mandrake, highlander)


Awaited for a long time, the TMR has a minimal design.


Basically it was design for that users who want to pack everything in a more compact way, not compromising the movements.


The TMR was developed with the help of professional shooters and instructors well known. What we can expect from the TMR, is a built quality well known from Helicon-Tex, in cordura, who turns the chest rig in a resistant piece of equipment, with a remarkable built quality. The H-harness is 100% adjustable, and allows an easy Rig fit, being easily taken off by the 4 adjustment clips.


On the back it has a Velcro panel.


At the front we have a detachable Kangaroo insert for two AR/AK mags.


On both sides, left and right from the Rig, you have fixed AK/AR mag inserts.


Those have right on their side one pistol insert, for pistol mags, with Velcro strap, but they also fit some grenades, for example the XL burst or a flashlight .

The Strap is big enough to close other pieces of equipment apart from pistol mags.


Organization wise, we have a large admin panel, divided in 1 mesh pouch on the interior and another in the exterior, both with Zipp, 3 inside divisions and an elastic strap across the the panel, allowing you to put some co2 cartridges, ligth stick and other pieces you need.


The cargo pouch has for last, 3 molle strips on its base, so you can add another pouch or a tourniquet A large Velcro panel allows you to put you most awesome looking patch!


Overall you can carry, 3 mags, 1 radio, 1 flashlight, 1 grenade, 2 pistol mags, on a minimal space!


And you still have some spare space for little equipment pieces on the central pouch.

Another pouch (included) can be added to the TMR, which you can use as a med kit or for carrying other materials you see necessary.

This all weights 700grams! You don’t need more than 3 mags per game, save your Bb’s, play in Single Fire! 1 shot 1 kill!


Personally, it’s a really good chest rig to use with a Backpack, keeping the material available, always with a high quality pattern, it’s for sure, a good option for some loadouts


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Reviewed model: Training Mini Rig


Cor: Coyote Size: N/A Price: 85,00€

Article linkLink: Brand



Thanks to:


João Cardoso

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