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Sprinter Custom Ghilie

Creating your own Ghillie alone consumes vast resources of time, money and does not guarantee the desired effect. Commercial dyes for camouflage do not always produce fabric dyed in perfect shades.

Therefore, SCG's mission is to provide professional camouflage systems for people who need a three-dimensional camouflage to operate under different tactical conditions.

SCG manufactures and supplies all types of audiences, regardless of the requirements.

Despite the wide range of Ghillie, it is possible to exceed your expectations if you have a specific item to manufacture.


To make your own Ghilie must have the proper knowledge, machinery and materials.

There are very few professionals who are able to accurately manufacture the process of creating a ghillie.

Our camouflage systems are created by qualified professionals.

All products are tested in combat by professionals.

The proper camouflage system is your first line of defense in the field. #GhillieUp

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