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Specna Arms

SPECNA ARMS® is a recognized brand to the airsoft market. For an attractive price, you may find what’s been missing in this particular market area.

High quality of manufacturing and element fitting, reliable internal parts, laser markings and models in rarely encountered versions are only the wrapping of what we are about to discover inside.


The manufacturer is guided by the 4S philosophy which stands for Satisfying Price, Supreme Quality, Spring Quick Change and Spectacular Range of Models.

In order to meet customers’ expectations and expand the offer SPECNA ARMS® have introduced for sale high-quality internal parts, batteries and a new line of chargers.

From now gears, pistons, cylinders, nozzles, gearbox shells, and many more are available for sale.

That will allow you to get the maximum performance from your replica.

The offer of LiPo batteries can satisfy even most demanding users, both those who are looking for a battery that can be hidden in a stock, a handguard or a PEQ box and t need other airsoft charging accessories.

Specna Arms® batteries were designed to be more powerful and let you play for a much longer time.

The Specna Arms® never lags behind constantly develops and improves its products to provide customers with optimal solutions in the airsoft field.

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