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Airsoft has been around for over 30 years and we've probably already spent a few hundred, if not thousands of euros on airsoft guns in pursuit of realism.


Airsoft is intended to be a realistic rebuilding, which is not fully achieved by using weapons that propel BB's via a Gearbox!


As players we are, we are at the mercy of manufacturers and have had to conform to what they put on the market.

For 25 years we realized that we have been buying the same airsoft guns over and over again. All have a similar gearbox or if not the same.

Our passionate vision of airsoft is not just about shooting BB's of PVC at opponents.

It's about creating realism!

This reality has motivated us to start looking at what could be done to make our beloved game as real as possible, in size, by weight, in the firing mechanism and in its functions.

Our passion has made us grow to the level of engineering and we dedicate all our time and sweat to the birth of our system that reproduces the same BCG movements of a real M4.

The weapon that all players dreamed of owning is available: DAS GDR15

"Let's Get Real! Now is time to play for Real!"