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When things heat up, Wiley X tactical eyewear and tactical gloves provide you with the best protective gear ready to face any combat situation.

From elite military units to local S.W.A.T teams, Wiley X sets the benchmark for safety and utility.


All our tactical eyewear models meet or exceed stringent military ballistic impact standards, and we believe that continual improvement is not just a goal; it is a requirement.

Shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistant hard coating, virtually unbreakable Triloid™ nylon frames, and selected styles with Ultra Foam™ and Facial Cavity™ Seals leave nothing to chance.

Wiley X was born on the battlefield.


Apunimiles = - 20%

Once a year, 10% of the purchase amount will be paid to a charity! By buying your eye protection you are also helping!  

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