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We all know how essential a medical kit is, whether at home, in the car, in our backpack or in our loaout… sure we do but how many of you are even equipped with?

How many times have you had a minor accident or heard but you didn't have the right material? This has to end!

The medical kit is essence! And today I will introduce you a little transport balls to the Effect!


Starting with the colors we have the classic colors that helikon-tex presents in its lines, from black to greenzone to adaptive green,

there are 15 colors available! Today let's look at Multicam!

This 323g bag can be divided into two parts, the outer bag itself, made of 500d cordura and a medic pouch where you can organize your first aid kit.

Inside is a Velcro panel for mounting the Med Insert, two elastic clips, two Paracord clips, and an elastic drawstring mesh pocket.

On the outside a velcro with the embroidered and detachable paramedic logo, and on the bottom, three ribbons and an elastic cord.

It is compatible with MOLLE / PALS. It can be placed directly on your gear, belt or even worn around the waist with the aid of the supplied strap.


Upon opening, the medical kit is readily available without the need to open or replace components.

The Insert is red, with a series of compartments where your kit will be organized beforehand (I hope soon to have the opportunity to give you indications of a basic kit)

Do you have a kit? Do you think this product is important?

Modelo apresentado: MODULAR INDIVIDUAL MED KIT® 

Cor: Multicam

Preço: 42,00€

Link da marca:




João Cardoso

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