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 If you are on this side and you have patience in reading what I write ... THANK YOU!


To close this cycle I bring you an article that we can classify as Premium...

Some will say its unnecessary, to others will not make sense, but others will tell you close the eyes relax, let yourself go, this is the cherry on top of the cake!


Since the beginning of the reviews I wanted to have the opportunity to test and have an item like this ... so here is the article # 50 .


Introducing to you the 3M Peltor Comptac XPI + PTT Ohhh boy! I even speak English. ( make sense on Pt version ).


This headset is the base ... it is from this models that the cheaper versions came from of other brand ... THE BASE!


Started from the base, this heasdset was developed primarily for the following functions:

- Hearing protection

- Situational Awareness

- Communication


Made in sweden by 3M this headset is probably the best in the world!

This headset was developed for military personnel to prevent possible hearing damage, obviously it's not your AEG or my Julia's Pffff that will harm you ... but it's important to be aware that this product is primarily intended to protect you.


If you're a pro-active soldier, if you practice in a firing range or other type of real-ammunition weapons activity ... this headeset is critical.


You can ven shoot rocket launchers, without being worried or afraid of damaging the ears ...


Now more seriously, starting with the quality of the FANTASTIC material!

The plastic of the sides is thick, giving a very significant strength, I believe that they can fall several times to the ground without being damaged as a vulgar plastic.

It is difficult to effectively transmit the quality difference between this headset and the ones that many players are used to wear.


We are talking about a top of the range! The weak part of this model, would be the one that attach the headband to the phones themselves.

But unsurprisingly the links are sturdy, do not fold, do not mess! I almost feel like trying to go and test the resistance of this material, but for obvious reasons I will not! You can use Heaset on rainy, snowy days, without worrying about being waterproof.


This model is available in Headband versions for use with or without a helmet (compatible with most helmets) but also with most safety goggles (Upgrade in a next review), and Neckband version with a lower profile version and helmet application version.


The colors available are Black and Green, there is nothing too flashy and show off on the outside just a simple indication of "3M PELTOR -ComTac XPI" in yellow on both sides, well with the mold itself has the info PELTOR.

On the right side, a sticker of authenticity with a serial number. At the same time that I write this review, I have the headset to my front to be able to give you some more details that often do not find and comes a smell of those leather stores you know?


That smell is kind of nasty, but deep down you know it's quality synonymous... This is to say that the adjustment tape is leather, not only does it smell, but also feels good when you touch it.

Adjustable in height, you can easily find the most comfortable position to put the headset in your ears and give you so much account of the 238g that you put on the head.

If you invest in a headset like this, you do not want to be disappointed with a broken cable and for that you have a significant reinforcement of the cables. Quality Cables!

For your maximum comfort, the headset is equipped with shock-absorbing pads..Oh boy!


Very comfortable!


Some say it can be improved, personally I still do not see the need to change.

Basically everything comes down to quality ... quality of materials and quality of construction! It looks like this review will be long, good but it's also the # 50!


We have already seen in a general way what are the "XPI comtac", but are much more than just hearing protection.


In the matter of protection, basically to summarize, you will be isolated from any outside noise, making great noises harmful to your ear. However when the amplifier is turned on, it will cut all sounds higher than 86 dB.


To get an idea the jet plane takes off around 120Db, and a firearm shot 130 dB.


Having in count that when we talk normally we emit about 50 dB, you can realize that a shot of firearm will have for your ear a very low impact! PROTECTION! Is it more or less perceived?

This headset version allows you to effectively communicate, connected to a PTT via the military.

The micro is fully adjustable, with the possibility of being placed on the left or right!

But here the great surplus value and where you will surely be surprised is in the amplification of the sounds around you.


When wearing this headset is like having super powers! The sound around you is amplified!

The headset itself can be set to various MODS to regulate the way you can hear. If you want to hear more from the left side, more right at last ... a series of settings you need to edit or explore to get the most out of the headset!


The XPI version is an upgrade of the XP version, we have a beautiful female voice that tells you: Power On, Power OFF, Silence, equalizer, advance setting factory reset, confirm, Menu.

In the increase and decrease of the magnification intensity, you can hear a Beep and if you put in the minimum you will have the info of "silence" The brand informs that it is about 500h of use automia without changing batteries, which is fantastic!


But above all what will increase the autonomy of the batteries in time is the function of Power off after 2h without being used! You can even forget to turn it off ... it turns itself off! Is a fact that this headset is a product of extreme quality, obviously more than applicable to the airsoft player! The price is extremely high and effectively is not for everyone ... but already says a great Mr of Portuguese Airsoft ... PRIORITIES!


I hope you enjoyed it, I'll leave you some photos together with the PTT which I'll make a dedicated article more forward!

Featured Model: 3M Peltor Comptac XPI 


Price: from 500 €

Brand Link:




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