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Double Upper Rifle Bag

Fortunately or unfortunately the law in Portugal is quite strict, in addition to all the restrictions of power and mandatory painting, all weapons have to be transported enclosed and safely.


Logically today the article goes through presenting a transport bag ... but it is not any bag...


Introducing you to the Double Upper Rifle Bag 18® - Cordura® by Helikon-tex.


Helikon-tex develops products for real weapons (for this we can guess the quality of construction of the products), and as such we expect a quality Cordura® carrying bag. With 101 x 38 x 4 cm in size, you have a choice of colors such as Black, Olive green, Coyote, Adaptive Green, Multicam®, Shadow Gray, A-tacs FG, Pencott® Greenzone®, Pentcott®Badlands®, A -tacs IX Camo ™, Kryptek® Highlander ™.


The design was thought to carry 2 AR or AK Type weapons, but you could make use of it for any other weapon. On the outside you can find the logo of the brand that always looks good and three bags that allow you to arrange various types of accessories. - two Velcro-lined bags with adjustable and customizable bag systems in the configuration you want. Where 2 spaces are provided for 2 gun magazines and 5 spaces for 5 rifle mags, the Helikon-Tex's Versatile Insert System®.


A very nice system to set up the suitcase. - a bag with organizer tabs, for documents, gloves, among other smaller material, that you can transport in an organized way.


'' The organization is time saving ''


All the bags have also integrated a second mesh bag as we have been accustomed to Helikon-Tex.

The traditional space to stick your identification patch could not, as well as zippers, of course from YKK®


Have we talked about the quality of the building material?

Still on the outside, in order to easethe transport we have two side handles. Just like two shoulder straps, so you can carry the material comfortably like a backpack, with a comfortable strap, with Quick-detach but also a molle loop to add some bag / accessory. With the case upright, a small strap allows you to hold it.


When opening the Double Upper Rifle Bag, you will find a protective bag with a comfortable thickness to put your material, guaranteed to protect it. In order to ensure that the material is secure, 3 Molle ribbons lenghwise on the bag gives you the possibility to configure and hold all your equipment.

This retention is made with a supplied Velcro strap. At the ends, in order to effectively protect the equipment against shock, we have two flaps of reinforced sponge.


The Double Upper Rifle Bag, as I mentioned, is an article designed and built for professional equipment with the use of real weapons, so for our Airsoft equipment is a fantastic option that you can not miss.


Grey is the new black !!


I hope you liked the article, have a look at the photos ... Do not forget to share!


Reviewed Model: DOUBLE UPPER RIFLE BAG 18®

Color: Grey

Size: N/A

Price From: €134

Product Link:

Brand Link:


Greetings and a big thanks to:

Helikon-tex , Joao Cardoso ,Rodolfo Coelho

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