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The best way to choose your material is to compare and test it, but above all, having it in hands to see the advantages, disadvantages compared to what you already have or what you will acquire.


Today's article is all that! Let's look at some differences, so it will be easier for you to choose!


We call this the P.A.S.P (Punimiles Airsoft Public Service).


This week I'll introduce you to Helikon-Tex's new line of Tactical Gloves.


All Round // Range // All Round Fit


Helikon-Tex as always gets us used to high quality articles developed for a well defined purpose with differences that make sense and thus become comprehensive to various users and situations.

These lines were developed by shooting experts, so you can have comfort, and here only the professionals can help you.


Starting with the All Around glove is a simple glove, covered in the palm with a synthetic leather, on the middle finger a thicker fabric, so that you can use your smartphone. Still in the palm of the hand, on the thumb the fabric is microfiber type, so you can wipe sweat or wipe your glasses for example.


The colors available are the Coyote / adaptive green and the Black / Gray, only missing Olive green (understandable since it is a line more dedicated to the shooting range). In all around, a paracord ring to be able to attach the gloves to the vest is situated at the base. On the handle, a Velcro for adjustment.

Looking at the top of the glove, we see the name of the brand, the beautiful Helikon-Tex logo. In the fingers the joints are elastic, the material is quite breathable and light (69g). A very comfortable glove.


In the Range glove, we find some differences, but they are almost similar. The design changes a bit, we continue with the brand name and the logo, but positioned in a different way.

They are slightly heavier (116g) and the difference is in the fingers, because elastic has been added to make the glove more flexible for prolonged use, this is the notorious difference, more comfortable. The colors available are the same .


Turning to the All Round Fit Glove basically in this glove shaped withdrawn components, is the simplest glove of the set. The level design and color equal the all-around glove, slightly lighter (61g). However, the paracord loop has been removed, as well as the Velcro on the wrist, so that you can wear a watch, however the glove keeps well-adjusted by hand.


It made no sense to be presenting each glove differently, (in my view) It makes sense to tell you about the differences and so you can understand, identify the differences of each, so that you can choose the best for you


However, the comfort in the three gloves is impeccable, super light gloves, not to lose the sensation in the shot, very well built.


Another great product of Helikon-Tex!



I hope you like the photos and that you can understand the difference, any doubts ... ASK ME!



Featured Model: All Round // Range // All

Price: 23,40€ // 26,40€ // 21€

Link of the product :

Link of the brand:


Thank's to :: Helikon-Tex

@João Cardoso

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