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When it's cold you only have two solutions ... run to warm up or to use a warm coat.


There are numerous coats, with certain characteristics…so today I present you an effective solution for the cold days.

The Wolfhound Jacket from Helikon-tex.

This jacket has the particularity of having ideal characteristics to be used on days of light cold or light rain, a nice article for for example to use at night as an intermediate layer.

Wolfhound has high insulation capabilities for our body thanks to Climashield® Apex ™ a coating that is the same as that of a Level 7 coating, prepared to maintain a warm temperature in most situations.


The coat is ultralight, its weight is 490g! Yes 490g is very little for the comfort that it can provide you.

In addition to being super lightweight, is also easily compressed and carried in the compression bag provided, so you can put a jacket in your backpack that protects you from the cold, without the problem of not having enough space.


The colors are 5 in total (BLACK, COYOTE, CAMOGROM®, SHADOW GRAY, ALPHA GREEN) The choice of material has not been left to chance, the coat is mostly made of nylon and Climashield® Apex ™ insulation (67 g / m2), it is important to mention what Climashield® Apex is.


Climashield® Apex ™ (67 g / m2) Provides consistent heat throughout the lifespan of the product, no matter how many times the workpiece is stretched, washed or packaged.


It heats when wet and maintains the heat in damp conditions, improving the breathability by allowing the moisture to leave the body. It retains its original shape after repeated use and prolonged storage.


Extremely lightweight and effective material, APEX is generally used in high quality sleeping bags.

Under the armpits we have VersaStrech®which is a material that provides a better air circulation and increased comfort, while the cuffs keep the sleeves closed, preventing the entry of cold air.


It is an extremely light jacket, warm and at the same very breathable. In aesthetic terms it is a simple coat that hides well all its attributes, in front a main clasp, an external pocket in the chest for small objects.


To place your patch, a discreet Velcro in the upper left sleeve of 8.5cm x 10.5cm. Both left and right have two pockets lined with a warm and comfortable material to be able to warm your hands if necessary. Already inside we have another pocket on the right side.

All Zippers are from YKK and the rubberized handle, with the Helikon-tex logo, allows it to be manipulated with gloves without problems. The collar has that fantastic detail and you think: Good epoch!


A small microfiber well wrap the collar so you feel a fantastic comfort in the neck.


I really enjoyed this detail without a doubt.

Still on the inside but at the base of the jacket an elastic strip to fit well to the body. In short, the great advantage of this jacket translates into high heating power without compromising on weight.


Highly advisable to have in your backpack, you can not even notice the weight and the space it occupies is very small, but when you have it dressed ... Comfort is paramount.


Can be used as an intermediate layer without loosing freedom of movement.


Again, lightweight, warm, super breathable, very good!

If you have any doubts, just ask! Have a look at the photos!



Color:Black Price: +/- 124€

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Greetings and a big thanks to:

Helikon-Tex  João Cardoso

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