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Raider Backpack 

After reviewing the Raccoon MK2 on review #22, some of you asked what are the differences with the Raider®, so today I bring you another article from helikon-tex.



Raider® backpack - Cordura®


Available in black, olive green, coyote, adaptive green, multicam, shadow gray, a-tacs fg, a-tacs ix camo, pencott greenzone, pencott badlands & krypteck highlander,


This backpack has some fantastic particularity to use both day to day , as for a more tactical use Manufactured in cordura 500, this backpack has a capacity of 20l, in conjunction with the outer compartments is a backpack with some space and a well thought out organization.

We can already check the main feature of this backpack which is the extra space that allows you to put on a helmet, rope, sneakers, jacket, something that you do not want to mix with what is inside the backpack, but you still want to bring along with you.


The Beaver Tail Panel, made of elastic and Cordura, if not necessary can be folded, and is secured with a clip (supplied).

Both inside and outside, a molle line is available, even in the front has a small bag with YKK® Zip.


The interior is lined in order to put a patch or other type of bags, thanks to the EDC Insert system.


Outside a wide velcro panel where once again the Helikon-tex logo stands out with elegance.

On both sides, it is possible to place a cylindrical container, water, gas etc, being secured with elastic and easily accessible.

Then on top, 2 mole lines for extra pack if needed or to put some accessory.


On the top of the backpack, a handle to pick up the backpack, it is always important that this handle is made with quality .... and in the case of helikon-tex is a fact.


At the top you will also find a discreet bag / admin where you can have access to a separate storage (flashlight, pen, edc ..), as well as the stability bar provided with the backpack, giving more rigidity, preventing it from becoming deformed.


An inlet for the camelback tube is "obviously" placed one on the top left as on the top right of the backpack.

The back of the backpack are reinforced with comfort pads to adapt to the morphology of each, in conjunction with the stabilizer bar, makes weight distribution more effective.


The handles also reinforced make the bag comfortable even if you put some weight in the backpack, you already know for sure that the better the handles the better the comfort.

A D-ring is also available on the strap, as well as a Quick detach, in case you need to get rid of the backpack quickly. To further improve comfort and stability, you can adjust the backpack to the chest and waist ... run, jump, climb, will be easy! Machine!


In case of rain, in the lower part of the bag in a very discreet way, there is a protective cover to wrap around the backpack, so your material is protected.


Now we go inside, which is the most important part of the backpack but also the simplest part.


We have a large bag where the backrest is lined with a velcro panel, matching the EDC system of customizable bags from Helikon-tex. A mesh pouch with zip to separate some important material, ID, medic pouch, among others.


To place the camelback bladder, an elastic tab allows it to be secure. In terms of design, it is completely different from Racoon MK2, less tactical and more sporty, yet more organized, and with the same "litter" allows a greater utility capacity. Some details justify the difference in price, including a backpack that looks as good on the field as for everyday use.


The Beaver Tail Panel turns out to be the advantage against MK2, since it allows you to carry some larger item or as they say at the airport "out of shape" such as helmet, climbing rope... 


Which one do you like more? Raccoon MK2 or raider®


Reviewed Model: Raider® backpack - Cordura®


Size: 47 x 31 x 15 cm

Price: 94,00 €

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