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M2R Warrior

A flashlight is always an piece of equipment to have, either in the gun or in the loadout.
You only realize that they are necessary when you need it!

Whether night or day inside buildings you need a flashlight! I am right?

Today with the support of the 365+ tactical (Official Distributor of the brand) I am pleased to present you the M2R Warrior from Olight World.

The M2R Warrior comes in a very elegant black package. In the protective packaging we can identify the strengths of the flashlight. Withdrawal of the protection packaging, we identify as soon as there is a care in the presentation, it is not a banal article, usually when there is such care ...

we are facing something of great quality! Inside we can find the Olight M2R flashlight, a manual, a carry case, a Lanyard and a charger, until they congratulate you on the acquisition ... and if you're lazy to read the manual you'll soon find a quick-start ... well it's a flashlight, I believe that you know how to work with it.


The M2R Warrior is medium-sized, about 13cm and 2.5cm in diameter, black and blue in color, allusive to the Olight brand, the flashlight is relatively light about 150g.


There are two switches, one on the body and one on the end Both are electronic switches


. At the base of the flashlight we can find a small passer to put the supplied lanyard ... this minimizing the risk of loss.

A large, removable and adaptable EDC metal clip is also provided on the flashlight body.


This clip can be used on both sides and therefore it is possible to adapt to all types of clothes or other things.

The black holster allows you to have the flashlight on the belt, in the backpack or even the vest because it has the soft passer. Is not a bag of extreme quality but is perfect for the goal that has, also a D-rig ring that you can use to not lose the bag.


Anyone who already knows other Olight LED flashlights, knows that there are no flaws in terms of manufacturing and quality of lanterns of this manufacturer. I personally did not know but I was fan!


Excellent build quality!

Impact resistant!


Standard IPX8 (Protection against the effects of continuous immersion in depths not exceeding 1 meter)


Good but this flashlight gives light?

An excellent feature, taking into account the technology of the Oligth lanterns at the base of the flashlight is to switch off like a magnet!


You can keep the flashlight securely on any metal object, and fix your spotlight.

The Olight M2R Warrior has a total of 6 levels of light (1/15/60/250/700/1500 Lumens) and a stroboscopic mode through a white led light. In the brightest mode,


the M2R Warrior reaches a maximum of 1500 lumens, while in the weakest mode it emits only 1 lumen. The autonomy is variable depending on the form and intensity of use that can go from 3h to 25 days!


Performance Top!

Overall satisfaction!


I had enough of flashlights that only work when they're not necessary. but this flashlight is battery-powered?


The M2R warrior comes with a rechargeable 3.6V and 3500mAh, battery, here the specific features begin, I personally have been exhausted, there are no plugs here, there are no USB inputs, there is no battery charger!


Yes, that's right!


So how to charge the M2R?


The new Olight lines have a magnetic (MCC Magnetic Charging Cable) that with its technology works like a magnet and from there you can charge the flashlight, in the most varied devices, Pc, Power bank, Simply plug the USB cable In and you’re on!


A small red led indicates that it is "On charge", as soon as the battery is charged turns to green! Loaded! Show!


This flashlight is not exactly an EDC flashlight but a pure Tactical flashlight, either for the safety professional or for those of you who, in certain situations, need a flashlight with good performance!


Without doubt a high quality article for lovers of QUALITY!


A must have in your loadout!


Stay in the dark ... nope !!


I hope you enjoyed this short article!

What flashlight do you use?


What do you think of this flashlight?

You already know how to share!


Featured Model: M2R Warrior

Color: Black Size: 13cm Price: 98,96 €

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João Miguel Cardoso

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