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Templars Gear Cargo POuch

There are always two ways of thinking about the material or equipment that we use in the game.


The purists, when the only concern in choosing the material is the quality and the other in which quality is not concern but rather the price.

Which side are you on?

I personally am a purist ...


That said today I bring you a small article, simple but of great quality, in the previous review of the templars Gear i had promised to talk about this Pouch.


You can read the review here: Facebook 

Templars Gear Cargo pouch // TG-CA-G2-M


In a first approach we can notice 3 fundamental aspects that characterize this article but also are guiding points of the philosophy of the Templars Gear. High quality, resistance and weight.

It may seem ridiculous to think so about a small bag, but it makes perfect sense in a global way. Having a set of lightweight bags means a total import easier to carry, comfortable and logically lighter!


Available in various colors (Multicam, black, tan, Ranger green) as previously mentioned is super light, they are only 100g!


It's almost half the weight of most bags, so adding up everything you carry ... is an advantage point.


The dimensions 14 x 12.5 x 5 cm allow to carry diverse material in a organized way because in the interior you will find a large elastic band, making possible to hold equipment like a knife, pen, grenade or other small material.

Still inside the opposite side, a mesh net for fast access material.

The opening is made by two zip closures for an opening in either direction or position, with the left or right hand.

The factory material is logically CORDURA (500D) using the laser cutting technique.

The finish is 5 *. It is important to remember that Templars Gear provides and equips intervention forces and military forces so, the quality standard is high.


To fix the bag it has the PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) system or so called Molle.


At the front, we still have some passers, so we can add some accessories or even bags and a wide Velcro panel, for your favorite patch or ID.

OK this would be the normal description of the cargo bag ... but there's more!


AS you know, i use my Punimiles Tomahawk for my silent kills and this bag has on the outside, between the fastening system, a small tunnel perfect to put axes or make, as well. a great advantage for transport.


This bag indeed surprises by its lightest wheight, it is undoubtedly a must have!


I hope you liked it, I'll leave you some photos.

You can always review the article on the belt and mag holster here: Facebook


Featured Model: Cargo pouch // TG-CA-G2-M

Color: Ranger Green Price: +/- 23 €

Brand link:


Thanks: Templars Gear @joao Cardoso

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