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Templars Gear TP5 Belt

Today I bring you another article, let's say FANTASTIC!


You already know Templars Gear right? So let's face it, it ditches presentations!

An indispensable accessory on your loadout. A belt!


The PT5 Low Profile Tactical Belt.


The PT5 from Templars gear is a MOLLE belt, using the Laser Cut technique, minimalist and low profile.


Also, it gives you the possibility to configure your first line in a very intuitive way and especially being very light to wear.

The belt has a perfect measure to place the essential: mag pouch, dump pouch, holster among other bags that you may want to add in your import.

The quality is very good, the entire Molle cut belt features the already known design of the Templars Gear, The available colors are various, from Ranger green, Black, Tan, Multicam, Polish woodland, Multicam tropic & Tempest Gray


 For your comfort and stability, the inner part of the belt has a velcro, which you will put over the stabilizing belt (supplied) and entirely covered with Velcro. In order to properly regulate your belt with the type of pants or other accessories that you are wearing, 4 velcros of connection are provided, so the belt is completely fixed to your body.

I've been looking for a belt of this kind for a long time, so that the holster or some other items don’t come off every time I pull something of the belt and the belt itself doesn’t came out place as well, PERFECT!


Inside the belt we have a space dedicated to the placement of an internal belt of 45mm (Not supplied).


This Belt does not use foam, sponge or other hard material, making it perfectly fit your body. Built on Cordura using Laser, makes this PT5 lightweight and sturdy!


If special operations use it ... why can’t your use it in your airsoft games?


The belt is available in three sizes:

- S dedicated to the waist circumference from 84-92 cm.

- M dedicated to the waist circumference from 92-100 cm. ( In the picture)

- L dedicated to the waist circumference from 100-110 cm.


I hope you enjoyed this article, you can see more Templars gear articles on facebook page!



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