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Today I have to present in detail something that has been featured on my pages, something essential and available for all tastes and shapes, prices and qualities.

The goal is not to say that it is perfect, that you have to buy that is "The Pistol"... because all platforms have their problems, their limitations, their quirks and ways.

Today I present you some details from a platform manufactured by WE Airsoft - WE G17 GEN5 MOS

WE-Tech, is a manufacturer of airsoft replicas in Taiwan that since its first AWSS (Advance Weaponry Simulator System) models have been adopted by various military and police units worldwide, growing and becoming a company with more of 30 distributors worldwide.

Right now they focus into manufacture high quality, economical and reliable airsoft replicas for the community of Skirmish and Milsim enthusiasts.

This G17 MOS, has a particularity that in my point of view makes all the difference for those who want a slightly more advanced weapon, without needing much investment.

Some accessories are provided, but there is one particularly one  that made me happy and surprised…. but then I was disappointet, but nothing serious, we talked about it in the end.


This G17 MOS, has a metallic slide and a polymer frame and a fixed front and rear sight.

In reality it turns out to be a classic construction, it is noticeable that you can feel some easy scratches in the frame but nothing very serious. The absence of Trades may not be valid for some purists, but it is important to remember its price to understand the reason, (see at the end of the article).


The big difference when it comes to the aesthetic part is the MOS (Modular Optic System, making it possible to place a optic without having to modify the slide or even having to change it. Several plates are provided that allow the installation of RMR, Redot among other models, Installation is quick and easy.

It is also supplied with a 26bb's mag, as well as two Back Straps for adjusting the flu and the famous RMR that I will tell you about.

I have been using this model for training, so far I have not had any problems, however maintenance after use is important to keep the weapon in good condition.
An advantage in addition to its price is the compatibility with upgrade parts, which will allow you to have a base for projects dedicated to high performance.


I leave you with some detailed photos that give you a detailed idea of ​​the weapon.

Perrrrrrra…. I lack the aim!

It’s not a criticism at all, it’s just my personal feeling, when I received the box, I didn’t know it would be supplied with an RMR, when I opened the box, my eyes lit up and I was thinking… TOP, a sight is provided, flawless!

The only problem was when I looked at the sight and in reality it is a dummy sight, snif sniff… What an exciting story.… you can now go and see the photos in detail!

Featured Model: WE G17 GEN5 MOS
Color: Black

Price: +/- 95€

Brand Link:


Thanks to: We Airsfot, João Cardoso

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