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Do not forget that according to the laws, a carrying case is as important as the paintings or the FPS, so sometimes you have to choose the best item to transform your material.


Once again, offers you a fantastic article!


Today we talk about Poseidon's Syngna Tactical Pistol Bag.

Of Tan color but also available in black, this evil is ideal to carry your secondary weapon. Ideally two you can carry, I opted to also put a MP9 5 *.


Cordura 500d, which as you know is synonymous with quality, is the material used in manufacturing but also HYPALON which provides quality and durability.


Zippers waterproof for opening the suitcase.

Two fixed carrying straps, and on the side D-ring rings for a lifelike handle also provided.

Still abroad the logo of the poseidon, but also passers molle in case it is necessary to add something else. This bag ends up joining the fashion side with tactics :)

Measures 35x23x9cm for a weight of 620g.


Inside the surprise is very good!


Fully lined with velcro, it is possible to adjust in the way that you find the best that will support your weapons.

On one side 6 bags for mags, both pistol and mp9, only pity that it is not amovivél. On the other side we have an internal pouch for storing bb's, documents or even another Pistol.

In my case this suitcase is perfect for carrying a glock 17 kwa & MP9 kwa.


A glock Poseidon would kill! (I.e.


Poseidon is manufacturer of accessories and upgrades for Airsoft.

Do not miss to visit on and list available articles !!


What do you think of this type of suitcase?

What do you use to transport your material?


Featured Model: Syngna Tactical Pistol

Color: Tan

Size: 35x23x9cm

Price: $ 59.00

Link to the article:

Brand: Poseidon

Thanks: Airsoft Wargame

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