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Close Combat 1-4x24 Riflescope 

It's been a while that I wanted to do an article on a series of items by Firefield.

But before I did it I wanted to test them, obviously... to understand a bit more about the products, make some comparisons and understand what the advantages could be...

So you can count on some more reviews of this brand's products in the next few weeks.


Today I present to you the sight I have installed on my M4 TWS:

Close Combat 1-4x24 Riflescope by Firefield.


As a way to give you some context, Firefield is a brand held by american company Sightmark (world renowned by its quality optics for firearms), which is a clear marker for quality.

It's targeted for all of those who want a high end product, but yet affordable.

It's ideal for target shooting, hunting and Airsoft, obviously, and it is set on high quality standards, so it can pleasde both the newcomer and the expert shooter.


Going back to the Close Combat 1-4x24 Riflescope, it's a low profile and discreet optic, light and versatile, that allows you to use it not only outdoors for long range shots, or for CQB by using it's 1x for target aquisition.


It features a Mil-dot reticle, illuminated in both green and red, in 5 intensity levels, and allow up to 4x magnification.


The reticle is adjustable for both height and windage, using the adjustment turrets. The illumination runs on a CR2032 battery (included). In the box also comes with two mounting rings and a cleaning cloth.


It is advertised as being shock-proof but also water-proof on the IPX6 standards, meaning hat it can take water sprinkles, as in light rain or showers, etc... But anyway, I really don't think anyone wants it to go scuba diving!

I haven't actually test it for the waterproofing aspect, but I will soon make a comparison test for negative temperatures with another sight.

Regarding materials, it is built in aluminum for the body and glass for the lenses.


I like the desing a lot, the way it looks on my M4, since it is a rather big gun, the 220mm long optic sits beautifully on it, adding only 400g to the weight.

The diameter of the scope is of 30mm, allowing a 24mm aperture.


Which is rather important, when you buy an optic, besides the quality of the lenses so you won't lose detail, is (in my opinion) having a scope that won't go out of your zeroing with the first bump it takes.

I ran a test on my GBBR MP9 with heavy recoil and it does not lose its zeroing. Approved!!


I'm really happy with this scope, it fills all my requirements and it's more than suitable for Airsoft.

I wanted a scope for short/medium range, and it delivers! I'll leave you now with some detailed photos of the product, hope you like it!


If you have any doubts... just get in touch!


Reviewed model :  Close combat 1-4x24 Riflescope

Price +/- 149 $

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