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Commando Boonie - Woodland Ventilated

For a while I decided to get out of the routine a little bit, so that the content I propose is not just a routine just because it is, but something different and within the original lines!

Today I bring you a small accessory of surprising quality! Not everyone is a fan but personally it is an essential part of my loadout!


SCG | Commando Boonie - Woodland Ventilated

Sprinter Custom ghilie is well known for making high quality ghilies, which you have certainly had the opportunity to see or even test.

But SCG is more than that, it is the result of dedication to a complete camouflage development project regulated to high quality standards.

Today it is true that we are going to talk about a boonie, but it is a boonie with details, with quality but above all Perfect!

I have the habit of saying that hardly anything is perfect because evolution is something that happens quickly and some manufacturers are quickly out of the game.

The Commando Boonie is available in two sizes, up to 59cm and 59-64cm, in terms of camouflage you can find from Woodland to Atacs, passing through the greenzone, remembering that SCG works normally by order so it is easy to find the article to your measure .

This boonie can be further declined in three versions - Commando Boonie, Sniper, Go pro mod.

Returning to Commando Boonie in the ventilated version, by its name we realized the change aims to give more comfort, personally with this change in the upper part we managed to have the sensation of air intake with the 2 parts of Mesh fabric.

This detail makes all the difference.

Now looking in detail, the Commando Boonie has a regulating cord, thus allowing greater comfort and an ideal fit to your morphology.

How many times have we seen airsoft players with the boonie upside down?

To make it easier but also to put your favorite patch on your boonie, you have a small 5x5cm velcro on the back of the boonie.

It is true that we speak of a classic boonie with a semi-rigid border and with the possibility of adding vegetation all around, but above all it is an article with impeccable manufacturing, using genuine materials.

For me a boonie with great class that certainly does not disappoint!

Featured Model: Commando Boonie - Woodland Ventilated

Colour: Woodland

Price: +/- 35 €

Brand Link:

Thanks to : João Cardoso

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