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Impulse 1x22 Compact Red Dot

Today I wanted to introduce you to something that is often in the content I share daily!

This content is for your information so you may need to make a decision when it comes to choosing a category of optics.

Today we look at the Impulse 1x22 Compact Red Dot Sight w / Laser from Firefied

This Redot, better known in the '' giria '' for T1, presents several advantages that make it a perfect compromise for those looking for quality price.

The Firefield already know that is a branch / Submarca of Sightmark, if you do not know you will find out here (LINK).

So the quality of construction is respected and we know not to be buying a copy.

The Impulse 1x22 as the name indicates has a magnification of 1x for a reticle of 22mm.

The red or green '' Dot '' has six color intensity, the internal visibility is quite good and shows good clarity and lens quality.
The paralax adjustment is made by two threads one on the side and one on the top of the Impulse.

Supplied with a AAA battery, it achieves a range of about 14h.

Made of aluminum the surrounding layer looks quite sturdy, obvious that it is not material to be sent to the ground but as it has happened a very short time, after a fall you will not want your sight damaged.

Its +/- 240g weight is perfect.

Resistant to impacts, dusts and splashes of water (IPX5 Standard). I also end up taking you to an important point when you play, be careful with safety! Do not do silly things, Airsoft is a game.

The impulse comes also with a skeleton mount that gives a more aggressive and friendly look in the application (personal opinion).

Do not forget that it can be perfectly used in a Gbbr as it was developed for .308 caliber ammunition.

This is a more valid Impulse!

The assembly is simple, just unscrew the small screw apply on a rail picantiny, tighten and you're done!

The advantage and main utility of this type of optics is for acquiring quick crosshairs and for short distances.

This version has also included a red laser with connection independent of the interior light, making it possible to use separately or together point of sight or laser.

Unfortunately the use of laser is very restricted, and in case of misuse it can be dangerous ... alias everything that is misused is dangerous :)

The light links are quite easy and intuitive, a button to turn on / off the laser, two buttons for the Dot.

Simple and effective!

Two lens protectors are also provided.

For those looking for a T1 at an interesting price and already with specs in conditions is the information.
If you need help ... ask !!

Model presented: Impulse 1x22 Compact Red Dot Sight w / Laser
Black color
Price: From 59 €
Link to the article:
Brand site:


Firefield EMEA
Joao Cardoso

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