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The month of August is coming to an end, so it's time to start preparing material for new journeys!


As you have seen more and more I bring you interesting details of articles until recently unknown but which we can easily find today! So it makes more and more sense to keep giving the information you are looking for!


Let's talk about Templars Gear news for demanding players! Operational active or better for those looking for quality!

It's just a preview of a few sets of handbags I'm trying to build, to introduce you, as you might understand, it takes your time!


Today let's look at Gen.3 bags!


- Open-Top Single Magazine Pouch Gen.3
- Single Magazine Pouch for Two Mags Gen.3


Starting with the Open-Top Single Magazine Pouch Gen.3 the design has been revised.

Some added or even removed details show that the upgrade made to Gen2 was well thought out.
Firstly this bag is available in various colors, which Templars Gear provides, from black to multicam (traditional or tropic), the Green, Tan ranger, but also M05 among others. But it was also declined for a shorter version than for G3 / SR25 type mags and the like.

With respect to retention Paracord was added, allowing a better fit, blending with the design of the bag. In Gen 2 the stiffness of the pouch was achieved through a rigid inner plate, which in Gen 3 does not exist, but the various layers of material make the pouch quite functional, the MOLLE laser cut in the front allows additional pouches to be connected. to the outside.


The cordura 500 material of military specifications is made from high quality original infrared absorption materials.

The elastic upper drawstring is adjustable to hold the mag in place and is also applicable to AK47 mags, which then becomes a slightly more spacious pocket.
Internal dimension 27x82x105 mm for a weight of approximately 50g.


If we look at the Single Magazine Pouch for Two Mags Gen.3 with regard to the colors and type of mags that can be used is the same.
In this bag stands out the fact that it can cover the mags (possibility to put 2 mags).

The adjustment of the retention is also made with an elastic cord, alias almost all Templars gear pouches have an elastic that allows them to be adjusted, but in Gen3 we can notice a smart design detail in the base of these two bags, thanks to the laser cut. cut, a small slot has been added that allows you to “hide” excess rope after adjustment, preventing you from hanging the TOP elastics !!


Great attention is paid to quality control in Templars Gear bags and equipment, because a significant portion of its customers need complete confidence in the equipment they use in their daily lives, as their safety and well being seating may depend on the equipment used.


If you don't know Templars Gear yet, it's high time!


I leave you with some pictures of these two bags hope you enjoyed!


Presented model:
Open-Top Single Magazine Pouch Gen. 3 // Single Magazine Pouch for Two Mags Gen. 3
Color: Ranger Green
Size: N / A
Price: From 16 €

Brand Link:



Templars Gear

João Cardoso

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