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Today I bring you a new manufacturer, but also a new review!


Innovation, durability and perfection, are the three words that this manufacturer located in Poland like to be featured!

Today I present to you the GPC ™ SPEED9MM + CUMMERBUND ELASTICM4 from Ginger Tactical Gear.


Ginger Tactical Gear is for the most demanding, not a product designed exclusively for airsoft players, but as you have the habit of saying, Ginger Tactical Gear manufactures Real Deal material for field operatives!


I did not want to bring you a review just for a vest, but rather bring you another concept and a manufacturer with several solutions that can adapt to your needs.


This way so that you can have a more comprehensive idea the ideal is to visit the website:

It is on the website that your experience with your new vest begins.


The website, super organized, lets you know everything that will compose your vest, which we can divide into 3 parts!
1- Base
2- Cummerbund
3- Bag


Starting with the base of the GPC, in my case the chosen color was Ranger Green, but you have the possibility to choose from many standards such as: Multicam®, Multicam® Tropic, Multicam® Arid, Multicam® Black, Pencott Greenzone, Woodland , Ranger Green, Coyote Brown and Black

The GPC, consisting of a front and rear panel is quite light but robust at the same time, the grips in the genre of a JPC are simple to help the ergonomics of the vest being comfortable and minimalist but also adjustable, covered by a pad comfort.
The base of the vest with regard to size is the standard SAPI Plate, neither more nor less!
Two plates attached by such handles using high quality materials, available in two sizes, M & L.


At the front, 3 velcro lines + 2 panels to add the Cummerbund.
On the back, 3 velcro lines as well as a strap.


The weight of the base is approximately 560g!


We can see the Ginger tactical Gear markings on the front, back and side of the straps, and inside the vest (Logo, model, size, brand).











After choosing the base, it is time to choose the Cummerbund, in this case here my aim was to keep the vest as low profil as possible, but also keep a minimum load available.

However you can choose from the COMBAT, ELASTIC or SKELETAL Cummerbund.


The advantage of Cummerbund ELASTICM4 is that you can place something similar or the size of an M4 mag, or material that you need to access quickly, without necessarily having to place them in a soft bag.
Basically keep the initial goal, have a low profile vest.


We get to the last part, you usually buy a base, with a molle panel, and go ... you're going to buy a bag that suits your type of mag.
In the case of GPC it is the same but it is different.!

You can choose the type of board that you think best suits your needs / objectives.



My object was to use these pouch for the PDW (mag of MP5) or mp9, but I find here a small mismatch, which you can see in the photos but nothing serious.

Using, pistol mags (9mm) no longer happens!

Here the panel with elastic bag allows you to quickly remove the loaders while keeping them tightly attached to the vest,
the exchange or placement of these boards is super simple velcro on top, Velcro underneath, 2 push buttons on each side, 2 minutes is done!


At the base of the vest, a velcro is also available so you may want to add a drop pouch.


Inside the vest, so that you can breathe even more, there is a mesh band. Looking generally is not a revolution with regard to vests, but rather a solution to those looking for something quality custom made in Europe! Manufactured by people and especially manufactured with a know how!


All these characteristics make each vest unique, and that its users are satisfied.

But the Ginger Tactical Gear is not just vests, there is a whole line of accessories and equipment namely belts, varied purses, medic kits.

Go through the website, see the price difference between something of poor quality, and another of good quality, you will see that it pays off a lot!


In addition to being able to buy and customize your setup, pack purchase is also available.


I hope it can bring more news! If you have doubts ask me via facebook -!

Stay tuned for news!


Color: Ranger Green
Price: +/- 185 €
Website of the brand:


Ginger Tactical Gear

João Cardoso

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