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In today's article let's look in detail at a Helikon-Tex backpack!

Increasingly, or rather it is quite usual for the Airsoft player to have a close attention when making a purchase of equipment, if you are a person who has attention to detail, in your day to day you can easily identify a player by his loadout of town, either by the hat, or by the type of footwear, but mainly by the backpack!

All this talk why? Let's talk about a backpack !! (Obvious .. It's in the title of the review)


Well in reality this backpack is ideal for those who do not need a '' big '' import but that in the same needs some transport space.
Available in Shadow Gray, adaptive green, black and coyote colors this backpack in more urban colors is ideal for your short walks or even for daily walks.

Its design is simple and smart, hiding its secrets very well, having only 10 liters of capacity but also several hiding places that are for very good min!

Especially keeping the essence (personal opinion) of this backpack, a lightweight backpack comfortable and prepared for various situations.

At first glance GROUNDHOG has a main compartment with double zipp YKK zippers. This smooth main pouch allows you to put a CamelBak bag securely on top of the backpack and small material and clasp clip.

At the top, an opening in the center so you can pass the tube. Something simple that many traditional backpacks are not equipped.
Once the 1L bladder is placed, there is little space left, but there is plenty left for example of food, or other small material that needs to be taken.

Still in front a second pouch with vertical opening, which gives access to a small mesh separator, for placement of documents and small equipment.

The backpack can be naturally expanded with the help of 2 molle line, and any kind of pouches with molle passers can be applied.
Also on the sides for ease of loading, for example a tripod or some other accessory with this configuration there is the possibility of fixing.

A side zip closure also hides an adjustable mesh bag to carry water, whether it's a water bottle or other type of object, it will be secure with the side compression buckles.

The backpack of dimensions 23 X 46 X 9 cm still hides an extendable membrane that comes from the base of the backpack and that is "trapped" at the top of the backpack.

Thus, it is possible to carry extra equipment, such as a jacket, a helmet among other accessories that you want to have quick access.
The same system as in the BackPack raider.

Similar to the helikon-tex backpacks, we have a strap on the chest and waist for comfort and keep the backpack secure.

In terms of quality, the nylon gives a quite remarkable rigidity.


The straps are fine, but comfortable, a backpack of 10L does not need much more since it is not a backpack that will be requested for a lot of weight.

If you are looking for a small, smart, low profile backpack that maintains certain quality standards ... Groundhog backpack!

Color: Shadow Grey
Price: +/- 50 €

Website of the brand:

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Helikon tex

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