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Today I bring you another review, we came back hard with Helikon-Tex!

It is not an article that you will use in the game, but an article that you can use daily or for specific material ... you may even think it is a simple bag ... but in reality, it is much more!

Today I present the WOMBAT MK2® SHOULDER BAG - CORDURA® by Helikon tex

Available in 6 colors such as black, coyote, adaptive green, multicam and gray.

Helikon-Tex always has well-designed articles focused on the organization, combining it with quality of construction and choice of resistant materials without compromising the final quality.

WOMBAT is no different! light weight, made with original Cordura, this small bag, 35cm wide and 25cm high, allows a perfect organization for outdoor activities or even to use daily 

What's so smart about WOMBAT?

Consisting of one main compartment and five outer pockets.

Starting with the main bag, with the entire velcro lining, you can attach those VIS (Versatil Insert System) balls that I have already mentioned in other reviews.

On one side Velcro, on the other an inner mesh pocket, the configuration is similar to a Waist bag.
Still on the inside but on the sides, two bags to place water bottles, hot water thermostat among other cylindrical objects. The space is relatively large and a large portable PC can be placed.

In the exterior a transverse bag and two ba

gs with zip zip, also they make possible the use of the VIS.
On the sides there are still two traditional purses but without velcro.

With WOMBAT, you can organize the interior with the configuration of the bags and with the help of the VIS.

For transport, we have a quality super comfortable shoulder strap that can be withdrawn due to quick detach.
Fully adjustable, we also have a cross buckle so you can use it like a style of a chest rig, not so comfortable but an option for certain situations.

The use of durable cordura will ensure durability of the product, while the YKK® zipper and the Woojin® buckles will allow durability without any problems.

The superior capacity of the WOMBAT is a plus comparing to some traditional backpacks, where usually you can’t fit all of your equipment, the wombat wins by having a horizontal configuration.

A Versatile, quality backpack where you can find utility!

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Stay tuned for news!

Color: Coyote
Price: +/- 72 €

Website of the brand:
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Helikon tex

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