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Today I bring you a new article, one of the models i have from Firefield.


As previously stated, Firefield is a brand that supplies and manufactures high quality products dedicated to a market segment such as Airsoft, sports shooting and so on, it is important to remember that it is a relative of Sightmark more than known for its quality of excellence.


We will speak today of the Impact XL Reflex Sight. At the base I'm not a big fan of Redot, especially in terms of aesthetics, but the Impact XL surprised me by the positive.


The Impact XL Reflex has a field of view greater than the traditional Redot (33 x 24mm) making possible to aquire a target faster.

The lens is coated with an anti-glare filter (AR Coating). In this way the transition between dark and light environment is done without any problem.


One advantage, something interesting in XL Reflex, is the possibility to change the type of point, is 4 in total: Point, circle with point, Cross, circle with point and Cross, this allowing according to your taste and situation possible to be changed in a very simple way.


At the base of the scope, turning left or right.


When you change a small '' Click '' puts the point in its place. On the left side an intensity dimmer, 5 in total.


The '' 0 '' position turns off the dot. I havent done yet a stress test on the duration / consumption ... but it will be done!


The adjustment of the horizontal dot is on the side and is made with a wrench supplied for the purpose.


There is no doubt about the operation, because the indications UP and R are clear .. but in case you need I explain! But not now or the details will feel offended.


So we have a redot adjustable on the side, on horizontal, in intensity, and in point type!


The increase is 1x so, ideal for short distance, coupled with a good training of acquisition of the objective, is a very efficient and especially light sight (150g) and compact.


I’ve Forget to say that the color of the reticle is red! Made of cast aluminum, the strength and robustness is noticeable, so it is impact resistant, and it is water resistant to IP55-rated, meaning it is '' Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.


The XL Reflex works with a CR1632 battery (supplied). A neoprene cover for transport protection is also supplied, as well as an adjustment key. Obviously it is compatible with 22mm rail pincantiny.


I decided to install on the Modify XTC G1 CQB I think it looks nice and fits perfectly in the style that I want to give to this setup.


What do you think? I leave you some photos, I hope you like it !!


Featured Model: Impact XL Reflex Sight

Colour: Black

Price: +/- 88 €

 Brand Link:




João Cardoso


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