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Probably only the “gear” enthusiast has heard or even peeked a bit about what PSIGEAR has to offer.

Today in partnership with I bring you an article dedicated to an Asian manufacturer, at a time when it is believed that manufacturing in Asia does not have quality, it is important to note that in this case the quality is very good! shares a vision similar to mine, providing and providing high quality articles, if it is good they have it! So they present themselves easily as an official distributor of various brands for Asia.

Today I present you a Chest Rig from PSIGEAR together with some accessories.

MPCS PR-1 Chest Rig | Detachable Molle Flap | Assault Abdominal Pouch

The PR-1 is an integral part of the MPCS ™ (Modular Plate Carrier System), more and more manufacturers choose to give users the possibility to personalize their equipment, so the word “Modular” is increasingly used in tactical ranges.  The PR-1 is a complement to the vest, compatible with MPCS, JPC 2.0 & SCARAB (Velocity systems) and CPC from Templars gear's.

Individually, the PR-1 is used as a Chest Rig and may or may not be supplied with the Harness, which is also compatible with other models on the market. For the main bag, the proposal is for a clean design, an extreme attention to detail, making many small details give us indications that it was not just a square bag to put on your chest.

In detail we will have a main pouch, lined with a female velcro, allowing insert inserts (available from Psigear) whether for pistol m4 mag, double or triple singles, the range is extensive. For reference it is possible to place 3 mags for quick access. So the advantage is being able to choose your configuration depending on the situations.

In the main bag, 2 wide Zip fasteners that give you the possibility with gloves and very easy to open and close.
At the front, we have a secondary bag, also with Zip closure.

On the outside 8 velcro, which has its charm instead of the traditional velcro rectangle on the front, but this velcro is not just there to place your patches! Also inside the front bag is a small strip with velcro, which together with the Molle Flap gives you the possibility to add 6 molle strips and thus add bags and accessories.
The technique used (Personally I am a fan) is leisure cutting, you already know for sure the advantage it provides in terms of volume & weight.

Still outside, but on the side that will be next to your body, you have velcro again, which will allow you to add the “Assault Abdominal Pouch” bag.
As you can see the word modular applies very well to this article, from a simple handbag to a complete chest rig.

The Assault Abdominal Pouch, allows you to have an additional bag to your chest rigg, put your medic kit, other type of equipment that are appropriate to the situation.

Velcro on the inside, velcro on the outside, elastic on the outside, an opening with Zip closure, an opening with more angles than normal, making it easier to access the interior.

The whole set has an approximate weight of 1kg !! For a complete chest rig it is impeccable!

With regard to colors, you have the “classic” choices that are appreciated by everyone, from Multicam to TAN, PRETO, through the Ranger green.

It is important to understand the attention given to detail, quality and effort in its construction, I was surprised and at the same time curious to be able to test other interesting articles of the brand, namely the modular belt and bags (I let you go to the site for understand the reason)

Certainly the price will be something appreciated by you, we can even say that it has an affordable price.

Once again, I thank for the opportunity to present this novelty to you!

The details are fantastic and if you have the same curiosity you will see that there is really something new and interesting in this manufacturer.

Featured Model: MPCS PR-1 Chest Rig

Color: Ranger Green
Price: from 30$

Brand link:


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