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I admit I was quite satisfied with the possibility of testing this article.


I am the first to often suggest that eye protection is a priority for the player ... But today's article is much more than just protection.


First we have to praise that there are innovative projects in regards to player safety, but also to emphasize the courage of this company to produce all components from scratch.

Today the much awaited article is about WARQ!!


First of all we have to think of a set, a product that brings together several components, having the following guidelines: SECURITY and QUALITY!


At first sight is a helmet ... woooooohhhh !

! But after carefully looking turns out to be more ... much more than this!

Personally CQB is not what I prefer, but with WARQ you feel in absolute safety! With WARQ you kill two birds with one stone, a helmet, a facial protection and an eye protection, without leaving out the the ears.


All this thought and developed on high standards of SAFETY and QUALITY! The helmet is made of Polyamide with 8 holes on the top so that there is air circulation, being quite robust aswell.

At the front, we have the traditional NCG mount, which in this case will serve to put your mount for the Action Cam. Also picatinny rails both left and right are available.

Adjustable from the 56 to 61cm, so that it is firmly fixed to your head, inside 5 multi-impact comfort pads (removable) are supplied, the regulator is of the same quality as the actual ballistic helmets Inside front and back there are also 2 multi-impact comfort fixed pads.

The comfort is great, holds well on to your head, doesn’t move and is not so heavy, contrary to what I thought. The traditional chin strap is also provided.


The color of the helmet?

This is up to you to decide, the helmet is fully customizable through the WARQ website. A configurator is available where you can choose from available patterns or give your creativity a boost!


The helmet also allows the attachment inside of a headset (Z-tactical) to connect to your PTT. It's a simple and small PTT ... you do not even notice it, so you can hear your voice without losing your comms.

But more important than anything else is security! And that's what I said WARQ does not fool around! WARQ proposes a different design, putting a wide visor but not just a simple visor.

Do you remember telling you about the thermal screen in a previous review?

Well here we have a double thermal display with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment.


We know that 100% anti fog does not exist ... but the helmet configuration (side air intakes + upper and lower air intakes) causes the air to circulate and delay the appearance of some fogging. In the tests I did ... zero fogging!

Fully approved, this is because the lens is also not even close to the eyes, there is some space which enables the use of glasses.


The helmet has the standard CE (EN166B) that is to withstand a power of + of 6 joules with weight of 0,86g !!! Even immortals can’t stand it; Just to say that it is not just a helmet that looks good, it is a good protective helmet!


So your tactical CQB entries can be made without ever being afraid of who is on the other side.


What is an eye worth? Or a tooth?

The WARQ helmet has built-in side protection (no more bb's at the tip of your ears), but also a high quality facial protection made of steel, rustproof and especially resistant! Have I told you about the EN166B standard?


In addition, the steel net has been placed so that you do not have that discomfort of the net, nor do you feel it! It's slightly away from your face, which is great!

So we have a full protective helmet! But how do you drink water? Well, they seem to have remembered that, and you can easily drink water without having to remove your helmet.

It is also beard friendly, you have space inside for your beautiful beard, in this case for me it was important! And more?


The helmet is sold without accessories, but it is possible to buy separate color lenses, carry bag, PTT and 45º rail among others as you can see in the photos.

I will do an article about them later.

Speaking of Rail, being a full protection, with some sights will be a bit difficult to play, however with the help of rail 45 or a raiser, it is taken care of.

I have no habit to justify or give an opinion on pricing of the article, whether it is expensive or cheap ... but analyze well what I wrote and you will have the answer for the question about the price.


I hope you enjoyed it, do not forget to share!

And give us your opinion.


Follow the WARQ page to take advantage of the promotions that are always coming up


Reviewed Model: Warq Helmet


Size: N/A

Price: 225€
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