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Today I bring another novelty, a very simple accessory, but that makes all the difference in your plate carrier.

If you are using Templars Gear, in CPC  (Crusader Plate Carrier) you probably already saw that there are 2 zip lines on the back...

Some asked what function ...

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the TG-CPC ZIP BACK PANEL.


First, we start with the advantage of a removable panel, changing settings in seconds.So you can use your CPC for a simple workout without having all the equipment just by removing the  panel.

It is also recommended for those who have several configurations to be able to change them without wasting time removing all the pouches and replacing new ones.


The Panel is manufactured via a rigid and malleable plastic covered with Cordura 500 D with IR Treatment.

On the sides are the ZIP fasteners that will fit all the CPC Line .

At the top, the panel is cutted so that it can also fit into the vest so that you will have no problem with the panel moving.

In total there are 6 columns & 12 lines that allow to join the most varied material through the molle.

In the photos you can see the configuration with hydration backpack, smoke grenade bag & radio bag.


Is it something simple? Yes it is! But it makes all the difference!


I leave you some photos, as well as one of my settings that we will talk about soon.

Article reviewed: TG-CPC ZIP BACK PANEL.

Colour: Ranger Green

Size: N/A

Price: From 25,00 €

Thanks to :

Templars Gear -

Joao Cardoso

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